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 Forum help thread.

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PostSubject: Forum help thread.   Tue Sep 11, 2007 1:22 pm

Hello there!
As you maybe know, I am the very Administrator of this forum, so if it's anyone to contact about forum issues, it's me. Also if you find any bugs or that kind of matters, please tell me.
So, I think I'll start off by explaining how this forum and it's usergroups works in a simple way.

You see, there are 3 usergroups on this forum and the first one is:

Member: It says enough doesn't it? You're not availible to browse the forum as everybody else can, this group is first and formly built for the trials. You will be promoted when you've proved the guild that you're worthy of being in this guild (which is mostly up to your CM - Class Manager).

Moderator: This is the rank for the most members, you're allowed to post new topics, write in other people's topics, etc etc. Just don't think you're allmighty with your Moderator rank, cause your really not.

Administrator: This is my rank Razz I am sharing this group with Wráth and that is how it is atm. Things will probably change due time.

Signup problems.
This is not really a problem atm since we do not post raids in the forums yet. We are planning to do when everything gets under control in this guild so please, stop the whining about it, Im getting spammed 24/7 ingame.

If you have been promoted by some officer/CM and you're no longer a trial anymore, please tell me here so I can promote you.

The forums.
The name of a forum is also the category, and it will be followed.
For example; in the application forum, you do only post applications, nothing else.

This topic will be regularely updated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

//Kind Regards, Admin Roghan//.

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Forum help thread.
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