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an Grim Batol guild
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 Paladins read this!

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PostSubject: Paladins read this!   Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:28 am

Dear paladins...

Here, you'll be able to get knowledge of every paladin requirment to join the guild.
As it is atm, we got 9 paladins so we won't reqruit any more paladins for a while.

Anyway, to be allowed to enter Karazhan, you need to have 1000+ healing atleast.
To raid Gruul's Lair, I want every paladin to have 1100+ healing minimum. It is acceptable to raid Gruul's without having that (though you need to be close to it), but when we are going Gruul (the boss) I will not accept less than 1100+.
Magtheridon's Lair: Here, we will have a minimum number of 1200+ healing.

Holy paladins: <Closed> you need to have the listed:
1:1000+ healing (Karazhan), otherwise 1100+.
2:that you have 10k armor.
3: You need to have Karazhan/gruul experience.
4: You're a skilled player and know how to handle your specc.

Protection paladins: This is a rare case, since we do not have any protection paladins atm we will only consider inviting you if:
1: You are full epic geared.
2: You have 12k armor (min).
3: You are a skilled player and know how to handle your specc.
4You need to have Karazhan/gruul experience.
5:You have very high raid experience.

Retribrution paladins: This is a even more rare case than the protection paladin, number 1, 3, 4 and 5 is thesame here. Anyhow, you will need to have 27-30+ crit chance (min).

No matter what specc you are, every 25 man raid you have to be connected to our paladin channel. /join palawoe and you'll get in to it. Then when you want to write something, it's just to /5. The reason that we have this channel is due to that we need to solve out some buff problems and such.

That's how it is atm, but things will change due to our fast progress so check back often.

//Kind Regards, paladin Class Master, Roghan//.

This topic will be regularely updated.
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Paladins read this!
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